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About Us

Parkland Preschool is located in the Parkland Community Center and has been meeting preschooler’s needs since 1989. We provide an environment of learning through play, which is rich in diversity. Our program enables each child to experience success and build their belief in their own abilities. Our school has wonderfully bright, spacious and well equipped classrooms.  Learning centers include rice and water tables, science, computer, dramatic play area, blocks, paint easels, climber, castle and much more. We also offer a safe outdoor play area in the beautiful residential neighbourhood of Parkland.

Our Staff

Our qualified and caring staff ensures each child’s preschool experience is positive, productive and fun. Each class has one qualified teacher and one or two aides, with a maximum class size of 24 children. Every staff member has been selected for their specific personality traits and their abilities to work well with young children. All teachers are certified in First Aid.

Discipline Policy

In the event of a discipline problem it is our policy to interact with the children in the following way:

  • Ask the child(ren) what has happened. Discuss what should have happened and try to decide together what could be done to rectify the situation. Decide what could be done in the future to avoid another such circumstance.
  • Ask the child to choose another area for play. Sometimes a centre will be closed for a particular child for a few minutes until he/she is settled.
  • Remove the child to a quiet area for discussion.
  • If the safety of another child is at risk, the parent/ guardian will be notified and be asked to pick the child up for the day. This is only required in rare and singular circumstances.

No corporal punishment of any kind will be administered by the staff of Parkland Preschool.